Opioid Treatment

You’re Not Alone: Seek Opioid Treatment with Us

Prescription opioids are widely used and abused across the United States, with vulnerable patients developing addictions and dependence on them. An estimated 21–29% of all patients with prescriptions to these painkillers and opioids end up misusing them.

These medications are highly addictive and become a socio-economic problem, as well as affecting the personal lives of those who take them. Addiction isn’t always a choice; it’s a change in your neurobiology and hence, behavior. It’s important to understand this to exercise greater compassion.

It can hinder your ability to function, taking a toll on your cognitive abilities, convoluting your sense of time and space, as well as impacting your personal relationships, be it romantic or otherwise. Your loved ones don’t want to see you struggle—and you shouldn’t have to suffer alone.

We work closely with the patients seeking opioid treatment at our clinic, providing them with a comprehensive and holistic recovery plan. From medicinal intervention to counseling, Dr. Banks specializes in helping patients overcome addiction.

You don’t need to continue living in shame and fear. Seek help and opioid treatment at our clinic in Columbus, Ohio, where you will always be welcome with warmth and respect.